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Audio Post Production Services


Sound Design & 

We can create unique, immersive sounds for your video, movie, app or game.

ADR & Voice Over

We can record and adjust voice overs, dialogs and dubbings to sound seamless in your movie. 

Post Production

We can take your raw audio files and turn them into professional, immersive soundtracks. 

Composition & Music Supervision

We can compose unique music for your video, movie or game. 

About Us

Giuliano Anzani 

Giuliano is multimedia programmer and sound designer. He creates unique sound engines that generate immersive sound experiences. He has designed sounds for games, television, web and short films.  

Kyriakos Charalampides 

Kyriakos is a sound designer and sound engineer. He has designed sounds, composed music and engineered soundtracks for all genres, from tv and web commercials to movies, video art and games. 

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